Booking Tools Can Vastly Improve Client Consultations

Franki Durbin

Can I just admit that I am driven by efficiency. When I find tools or techniques that same me time (and boost other areas of life) I seize them. I also love to share them.

One of my favorites?: Calendly. The key is, you need to pair this booking tool with a brief questionnaire so that you and the potential client are each better informed before you connect by phone.

After a few years of using this app I have discovered that a few small tweaks to the form & placement of the booking button make all the difference. Now, when someone reserves a spot on my calendar I know ahead of time what problems they'd love help solving,

I've had a chance to review their funnel/shop/website and am prepared. Now I can make far better use of their time on the call and mind. This is one of my favorite features to offer to set up for clients because of the profound difference it has made in my business.

Why does a booking tool work? I liken it to the friendliness of text. Forms seem so formal and often feel as if casting a drop into a vast sea. Calling is rarely convenient for you and the caller. With scheduling you are in control of your windows of time, and you’ve allowed the potential client to choose a time that works best for them. Both of you are mutually in control of the schedule.

For me, I noticed my inquiries shot up tremendously and I began enjoying calls with more potential clients. By adding a brief form to the process I was able to even better ensure booked calls were with well-suited clientele. This simple step helped me really dial in via just a few short questions and ensure we were both prepped for the call ahead of time,

In short, I LOVE using tools like Calendly and believe most of my clients can benefit from this free tool.

Questions? Drop them below!