Featured Client: William T. Baker

William T. Baker

I have to admit, I have some of the best clients on the planet. Intelligent & talented individuals and innovative businesses who appreciate quality and excellence. Recently I had the pleasure to re-imagine and rebuild the online property of award-winning residential designer William T. Baker.

If you're not familiar with is work, he designs exceptional homes for clients all over the world. These are not your ordinary homes. The level of thought and consideration that goes into every detail of these residences needed to be reflected in his site.

Moving from WordPress, I rebuilt his site from the ground up. This was as much an SEO project as it was an online portfolio, and thus the creation of contextual content was key. Rather than row upon row of images, we created galleries that put the user's needs first. Large photography coexists with relevant descriptions that is both user-friendly and search engine optimized.

Much like his luxury residential projects, every bit of this web site was custom crafted and thoughtfully planned. The result is a powerful online experience that serves as a powerful marketing tool for his firm, is e-commerce enabled to sell his books, boasts massive SEO-rich content and is stunning in appearance on every device. In addition to the site we leveraged the power of MailChimp to power his email marketing needs and have partnered up for a series of Facebook campaigns.

Visit wtbaker.com to learn more about this remarkable residential designer.

When redesigning your site, seek out a digital partner that will do more than just give your online branding a facelift. Ensure they understand the value of SEO-rich development practices and user-centric design. If you have any questions at all, don't hesitate to book a 30-minute call so we can chat about your needs. It's absolutely free and I'd love to brainstorm ways to bring your brand to life online.