Modern Design & Rich Storytelling Coexist Elegantly & Perfectly

Design by Denise McGaha // Photography by Stephen Karlisch

Common conversation with almost every client...

Me: we need to incorporate storytelling on your site to give context to your portfolio for clients as well as "feed" Google for a massive organic SEO boost.

Them: I just want it super clean. All images. No words. My work speaks for itself.

Me: Indeed it does. Fortunately, our goals are not mutually exclusive.

The "why" behind this is that search engines cannot make use of your file names. Alt tags are nice, context is better. And what better way to engage potential clients by explaining what challenges you overcame during your project.

If you're a designer this might be incorporating heirlooms, working with odd floor plan etc. Photographers may battle low light or tight spaces.

All of us face & overcome barriers to make great projects work. I like to uncover the story behind the images and allow this to be "optional" content on a site. Search engines can always read it and curious fans are a mouse-over or a click away from understanding why this image demonstrates your value.

If you totally nailed it (and I know you did) I love learning & sharing that story. And yes, it can all still be super clean, modern and appear "wordless" if you desire. But those seeking context & content can easily access it.

Rollover the top image in this post to see how this has been achieved. For another option, click on any of the thumbnails below to see the story behind the room. This is marvelous for potential clients, curious to know more about your expertise and approach to problem solving. And search engines? They eat this content up, savoring it and rewarding you now and over time with enhanced search ranking. Done well, this added layer of content weaves a story of your mastery of skill and enhances your organic SEO tremendously.

Questions? Drop a note below!