niche marketing

Brand Positioning: Riches in the Niches

Niche Marketing

The advertising wisdom is true: if you’re marketing to everyone, you’re marketing to no one. While clients often resist the idea of targeting a very narrow niche, it’s the path to success. Whether you’re a physician or a top architect, your ideal client fits into a fairly narrow definition. From firm economic considerations (can they afford your services?) to more “soft” criteria (does the client’s communication style mesh with yours?) - the fact is, we should all be as specific as possible when it comes to defining our ideal clientele.

By doing so you will:

  • Become the “go to” referral when a friend or colleague runs into someone looking for an X, Y, Z - because this is exactly what you do

  • Nail your “elevator pitch” because you’ve made it clear to yourself

  • Become a magnet for your ideal clientele - because your messaging, your marketing and your offerings will dovetail perfectly with their needs, hopes, motives and longings.

  • Increase your profitability, because your clients come to you asking you to do what you do best & what you enjoy doing

  • Find more fulfillment in your business, as all of your clients will be aligned with your strong suit

Frankly, the list of reasons to do so are enormous. And I could make a much longer list of benefits to niche marketing. But realize that going niche begins in the mind before it translates into marketing copy, services and sales call messaging. You have to DECIDE to commit to specializing in offering your services (your gifts) to a narrow band of clients. Your dream clients.

When I begin this process with my clients we go deep. I want to know as much as possible about their ideal clients. What do they fear? What do they long for? Why would they hire you to solve this problem? Why would they choose your competition over you? We need to understand them AND understand your spectacular gifts to define your “sweet spot.”

Worried you’ll turn of some potential clients? You will. But rest assured those would have been “poor fit” clients who were labor intense and emotionally taxing. We’ve all had them, and they end up costing you in countless ways.

But in committing to your “sweet spot” and your area of genius, you’ll accelerate your success and enjoy deeper, richer, more meaningful client relationships and filling your calendar with wonderful clients you enjoy working with every day. This, is niche marketing done right.