Unveiling the Mystery of List Building & Lead Magnets

Franki Durbin

List building is a big priority for most of my clients. The secret behind building a great list of raving fans is to offer tremendous value. "Give to get" is another way to express the concept.

What do you do extremely well that others want to learn? Package that up as a free email series, video, PDF or other content and simply ask site visitors to enter their password to access the content.

Sound simple, right? But most fail to follow the basic principle of offering tremendous value. Make your freebie so valuable, so juicy, so packed with insights that the recipients are wowed. Wowed that you would share so much. Wowed that you possess this expertise. Wowed at your deep knowledge.

Do this and create a simple opt-in form and you will easily create a high quality email list. This is the essence of lead magnet formula, right here. Know thy audience and give them exactly what they want.

This comes from developing a deep appreciation for your perfect clients, a compassion for what they need most from you and a willingness to give them the knowledge or information they crave most.

Who are your ideal clients? What do they want? What unique piece of expertise can you lend them?

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