Please state the exact name of your business as it should appear in your branding.
Please share with me the core mission of your business
Tell me in detail about your business, product or service. Not your elevator pitch. Tell me what's at the heart of why you started this company, why you'll crush the competition (if there is any) and why (or how) your branding needs to communicate your uniqueness to the world.
What adjectives would you use to describe your services & products?
What is the single most important thing that sets your business apart from the competition?
Share a few of the individuals, sites or brands you see as peers, competitors or icons in your field. Tell me briefly what you love or don't love about their branding & perceived brand image.
Please tell me about your ideal client (customer).
How would you like your BRANDING and your online presence to be different from your competitors? What elements or qualities are important to you?
Tell me about your ideal logo itself. How should it "read" to your desired target market?
Color selection wields tremendous power in branding. Let's get specific about what hues should represent your business.
There's more to your story and I'd love to hear it.