If you are building a recurring revenue model business, you have specific needs. You require an ecommerce solution that simplifies your billing and gives your customers the ability to manage their subscriptions by themselves. Digital membership projects vary greatly in complexity and style, but generally fall into one of two categories. You ether want to sell products & services delivered monthly to your customers (think: Dollar Shave Club) or you long to create a paywall on your site protecting premium content (such as courses or digital products) reserved for "members only" access, tiered or otherwise. Whichever style you need, this package offers you an SSL-encrypted storefront, customer account management, secure login functionality and an automated process to keep your monthly revenue flowing. 

This package includes:


Complete custom web design & development on Squarespace or Shopify. Site is fully SEO optimized, SSL secured, equipped with digital &/or physical products, opt-in forms, contact forms, etc.


Fully integrated MailChimp email marketing process design, development & automation including triggered email sequences, web site form integration and custom email designs.


Secured pages or series of pages for members/clients to access via secured sign-in. This allows you to offer tiered memberships and subscription programs to clients. Memberships can be timed to expire or auto-renew. Package offers complete design, setup and implementation of secured portal plus integration with MailChimp to add members to segmented lists that incorporate them into your overall email marketing program.

Are you developing a tribe of loyal monthly paying subscribers? This package is ideal for you.